Thursday, July 17, 2008

HNT - Can't Blog, Sorting

This week I'm back in the warehouse for a second round of sorting Hurt Penguins (see last week's post for details)

While fun, there comes a point in the 50 + skids of sifting through these books where you think you're going to be swallowed up in the madness that sorting hurt Penguins can become . . .

. . . let's hope I can navigate my way back out of the madness.

Happy HNT!


BTExpress said...

I see the penguin nightmares have started. Happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

lol, good luck escaping the madness! :D

Happy HNT

lime said...

ok, i have to admit i got a kick out of looking behind you and seeing the various types of penguins. the uncovered one seems strangely appropriate for the post ;)