Thursday, January 15, 2009

HNT - Magazine Shot

This week I figured I'd post a picture from the latest issue, the Winter 2009 issue of The McMaster Times (The Newsmagazine for McMaster UniversityAlumni), which includes a brief article on page 10 about the Espresso Book Machine at Titles Bookstore.

In the accompanying shot (below), I'm demonstating the machine, which comes from On Demand Books in New York. This ninth install of the machine worldwide, and the second in Canada, has been dubbed "McMaster Innovation Press" -- you can see the cool wall banner we created for it on the wall behind the machine.

Fortunately, during the demo I didn't once get my tie caught in any of the moving parts of the machine. Good thing too. It was one of my favourite novelty Christmas ties.


BTExpress said...

Way to go! The sign of a true professional is not getting clothing caught in the gears.

lime said...

oh wow! that's really cool! glad you didn't get sucked in too or we might be reading "flat mark" books.