Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kathleen Robertson's Sweaty Pits

Occasionally I'll take a quick look through people who land on my blog based on certain keyword search results. The queries that direct people to this blog are sometimes really bizarre.

For example, someone recently did a google search for "Kathleen Robertson sweaty pits" (without the quotes) and ended up landing on this page (which is an archived page from 2005).

Since I didn't remember actually blogging about Kathleen's sweaty pits (I like this actress and can honestly say I've never seen her with sweaty pits), I tried to figure out how that happened.

Here's how. The archive page contains several different posts, including two that mention two of the key-word terms. There's a post called Back in Black in which I mention Kathleen as a Hamilton native who was attending a special gala in town. Then there's another post called Mash Pits in which I was complaining about sweating in a cold office (not one of my proudest moments of course). Mystery solved.

Again, it's strange how people end up coming to this blog, but at least our world has a wonderful thing like the internet allowing people to find pictures of celebrities with sweaty pits. God bless the fact that it's used for such useful purposes and not for research or important study.

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