Thursday, January 01, 2009

HNT - Favourite HNT Post of 2008

I've been involved in Half-Nekkid Thursday (or HNT for short) blog posts for three years now. It has always been a lot of fun trying to come up with something interesting, creative and "nekkid" each week.

So, trying to come up with my favourite HNT post for 2008 is always a challenge. There are so many different reasons to pick a favourite and it's just hard to choose with over 50 different pictures.

Among my favourite shots are the ones in which I appeared with others. Like ones of me and Alexander, one of me and Paul from University of Alberta bookstore, me with my buddy Pete (Levack Pete) or one of me pretending to chase students pretending to steal textbooks.

But my favourite was an evening when RainyPete, blogger and photographer extraordanaire, came over to help me shoot some short film bits we were going to send to Lecram for a project he was working on.

We ended up having one too many beers and then just goofing around with the camera, resulting in one of my favourite HNT shots for the year.

You can read the original post this came from here.

Oh, and BTW, a belated Happy Birthday to you, Pete!

And to everyone, Happy New Years (and for those of you who celebrate HNT - Happy HNT!)


BTExpress said...

LOL, that's hilarious! Happy HNT and Happy New Year.

lime said...

lol, that was a funny one! happy new year!