Thursday, January 08, 2009

HNT - New Year, Old Habits

Okay, so perhaps this photo wasn't taken in the new year -- it was taken a few days before the end of 2008. But it's certainly a habit of mine that isn't going to be changing any time soon.

I have this thing.

Every time I get my hands on someone's camera, I flip it around to face myself, put on a goofy grin and take a picture of myself.

It's fun, and addictive. I'm not sure just how many photos there are of me out there doing this. It's certainly not as fun as it used to day in the days of "film" cameras. In the "old days", when the person developed their pictures they got a "fun" surprise. Now, they simply have to scroll through their digital images and delete my ugly mug . . . but that doesn't prevent me from hamming it up for the camera.

Be careful if you try it yourself. You might not be able to stop.

I took this one when inspecting the new camera my buddy Greg picked up during Boxing Week sales.

That's my wife Francine and my Baba in the background trying desperately to pretend they don't know me.


BTExpress said...

I am so going to remember this. I'm laughing just thinking about what mischief I will be getting to.

lime said...

LOL, my son does this all the time!