Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Pajama Day

We spent most of today in our pajamas.

It's like one of the patented "Hugh Hefner" days that Alexander and I enjoy having. I call them "Hugh Hefner" days because, in Hef style, we lazily lounge around the house all day in our pajamas.

Except, on this particular day, Family Day 2009 (Ontario has declared this particular Monday "Family Day" and it is a provincial holiday), wasn't just a pajama day -- it was a LEGO day.

A good portion of the day (almost 3 straight hours at least) was spent constructing the various LEGO sets from the City LEGO that Alexander started acquiring about 6 months ago.

It's quite amazing to see the cool setup that can be made from the various construction sets in the City LEGO models.

And while I'm a bit disappointed that, unlike the LEGO of my childhood, the modern LEGO sets seem to be a bit less geared towards "free" creative build (most of the new sets use so many specialty pieces and there isn't as much flexibility in terms of using the pieces to make things of your own creation), I'm quite delighted to be toiling with those little coloured bricks again.

LEGO rocks! A day with the family, rocks!


lime said...

oh man i love legos. and let me say, even though the newer sets have set patterns and such. the kids wil make their own designs too. what a fun way to spend the day.

Rainypete said...

I have some of my old Legos and we us them. If you want real Legos instead of all the novelty stuff they have you can buy the goods stuff online.

Just the basics like this or a kit like this will expand the set into something far more useful!

Have fun!