Friday, February 06, 2009

It's Never Too Late For A Good Review

It's never too late for a good review.

I found a recently posted review of an anthology I edited back in 2006.

Yeah sure, the book is three years old, but any book that hasn't been read yet is a NEW book to the reader.

And that's what makes it nice to have discovered this review of North of Infinity II posted at (Speculative Fiction Book Reviews and More) written by Paul Weiss.

In his review, Weiss imagines a pie sliced into three distinct pieces: horror, fantasy and science fiction. Based upon this premise, he has the following to say:

"North of Infinity II", an anthology of 12 short stories edited by Mark Leslie and written by the very best that contemporary Canadian fiction in this genre has to offer is a fascinating three legged beast standing at the very center of this pie with one foot firmly planted in each of its pieces.
I like that analogy.

The authors whose stories appear in North of Infinity II are indeed worth spotlighting (Of course, having selected the tales, I'm a bit partial to them), and I'm delighted to see Mr. Weiss taking the time to share the review about this anthology.

North of Infinity II is still available at Amazon and, get this, as a remainder at Chapters/Indigo for a MERE $4.99 -- a virtual steal at this incredible price. Go snap one up now. I won't be offended that remainders mean no royalties for the authors. I'll, instead, be delighted to know that you'll discover some great writers as a fantastic price.

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