Thursday, February 19, 2009

HNT - Nekkid Espresso

We're doing inventory at work this week. Which means it's a pretty crazy, busy week.

However, we got ahead of schedule a bit yesterday, which meant I had some time to spend working on replacing the motor of the de-curler unit on the main printer of our Espresso Book Machine. (This is the part of the device that keeps the paper, which runs through the printer at an extremely high speed through a dozen or so roller units, smooth and straight. In a nutshell, uncurled)

So, I took some time to open up the side of the machine and have a look at replacing the motor. Despite my general lack of knowledge in taking apart mechanical and electric devices, I didn't do a bad job. Below is one of the pictures I took on my Palm Treo prior to replacing the plug.

I took the picture and drew a quick sketch of which of the seven wires went where so I could assemble the new one in the same manner. Of course, the Palm Treo isn't made for taking close-up "macro" type pictures, so it's a good thing I also sketched the layout of the wires.

Otherwise I would have messed up getting the wires back together properly.

Not a bad job for an amateur.


BTExpress said...

Good job kid!

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! It's awesome when things come together like that! Good thinking!