Thursday, February 26, 2009

HNT - I'm On A Roll

It's "RRRoll up the rim to win" time again at Tim Hortons.

There are two seasons in Canada.

"Roll up the Rim" season at Timmy's and the rest of the year.

No seriously. Especially in Hamilton, you can tell it's that time of year not because of any television or radio ads or billboards or other signage. No, you can tell because the tell-tale cups are in everyone's hand no matter where you go. It's like judging what time of year it is by the Christmas lights going up on every second house in the neighbourhood.

Everywhere I went yesterday, every second hand is clutching, not a normal coloured Tim Hortons cup, but a specially designed cup that offers the chance to win. And the design of this cup is so distinct that you can spot one from at least a mile off.

I haven't seen a swearing in of new Canadians ceremony in a long time, but I'm beginning to suspect that instead of pinning a tiny Canadian flag pin on them, they should simply thrust a Tim Horton's cup into their hand. "There you go, sir, you're officially Canadian now. "

And I'm not kidding when I say that they're everywhere. For example, yesterday, during Ash Wednesday ceremonies, the priest was marking people's foreheads with black ashes in one hand and holding a Roll up the Rim cup in the other. I could have also sworn I saw a cup sitting on the desk beside Peter Mansbridge on The National last night. I think I even saw Steven Page, though walking in the other direction, and away from his former band mates, Barenaked Ladies, holding, yes, you guessed it, a Timmy's RRRoll up the rim cup in his hand. He might be turning his back on20 years of incredible success with BNL, but he won't give up his Tim Hortons coffee.

In any case, yesterday I forgot to bring coffee in to work with me, so I ended up buying a couple.

And with each double double, and eventual rrroll, I won a free cup.


I'm on a roll. Or should I say RRRoll?

So, in honour of RRRoll up the Rim season here, I'm rrrolling up a picture of me from a few years back sitting with a coffee in hand for HNT. (For what it's worth, though it's not an official rrroll up the rim cup, that IS Tim Horton's coffee in the cup. We buy it for home brewing.)


lime said...

hahah, clever photoshopping as well as the idea of issuing a cup to new citizens.

S said...

My goodness, it's been awhile. Look how big your son is now!

I do hope you found your way out of that crazy farm that we were last stuck in!

Sorry I abandoned you but I had to go to India!