Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Snow Fun

It's snowing lightly as I write this, and gosh darn it but I'm completely delighted.

I know that usually by this time of year people are moaning about winter dragging on and can't wait to either escape to some place tropical for vacation or for summer to come.

Not me. I love the snow.

As I've mentioned before on this blog, I love all 4 distinct seasons and the different things they have to offer. In the climate we live in, we're fortunate enough to actually have 4 distinct seasons, and I love sucking the marrow out of each one.

So, it's early February -- bring on the snow!!!

Why am I asking for snow? For my four year old, of course. Okay, and I'll admit it, it's also partially for me, because I also love playing in the snow, jumping off snow banks, digging tunnels and creating snow forts and snow men. It's all great fun.

And, apart from the new budget announcement that allows for large home renovations, Alexander and I have tons of renovations to do on the snow forts in our front and back yards. The kinds of renovations that can only come with a few more dumpings of the beautiful white fluffy stuff.

Yes, we weren't quite satisfied with the large snow fort in the front yard and the two sentinel snow figures standing guard over it. Yesterday (a nicely timed vacation day if I do say so myself), we decided to turn the giant snow pile beside the deck (a wonderful side-effect of keeping our back deck completely snow free so) so that we could build a proper snow cabin in the back yard. One that is big enough to fit both Alexander and I. Of course, we need more snow so we can expand it and fit Francine in as well.

So bring on the snow.

There's lots more snow fun to be had!

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lime said...

how many happy memories are you all making in that snow fort? how wonderful :)