Thursday, March 19, 2009


Yesterday I received a book in the mail -- part of a blogger's chance to get the book for free from Andy Nulman. It's called POW! RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES: Profiting from the Power of Surprise by Andy Nulman.

All I had to do was ask for it on my blog. (Okay, so maybe I begged a little)

And now it's here.


I can't wait to read it. Looks like an awesome book. If the title interests you, go check out Andy's blog, where you can get a feel for his writing style. Once I finish reading the book, which I'll have to immediately add in to the "books I'm reading" list, I'm going to be posting a review here (as well as on Goodreads, Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, etc)

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BTExpress said...

Bet that hurt.