Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Doin' It Right

I was delighted to see Random House Canada announce yesterday a special digital release of a hot new Linwood Barclay novella, Clouded Vision.

Upon seeing the tweet from RHC, I immediately clicked the link to check it out.

Barclay has long been on my list of writers whose works I will buy on sight.  Clouded Vision is available in paperback in the UK, but in Canada and the US as a digital ebook release.

I'm impressed with RHC's venture into this territory, always delighted when a publisher does something new and exciting, particularly with a Canadian author.

But I was also impressed with the manner by which Random House Canada is selling the book.

Check this out:

When you hit the "BUY BUTTON" you get a pop-up window directing you to check for a list of eBook retailers.

As a bookseller  I'm always delighted to see a publisher directing customers to choose their own favourite retail place to make their purchase. (Note - for physical books, Random House Canada's BUY BUTTON allows you to select from a list of online retailers and local physical bricks and mortar stores - a great feature of their site) I love the fact there's a choice offered to the consumer, and one that doesn't compromise the partnership between the publisher and the bookseller. 

I also love the fact that I can get my Linwood Barclay fix before his next hardcover release later this summer.

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