Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Father And My Son

I thought I would be feeling bitter-sweet about Father's Day, again focusing on how much my Dad would have loved Alexander, and how my son would have adored his Grandfather.

But as I was thinking about the two of them, and just how much I know they would have enjoyed one another's company, while slightly sad for the fact the two never had a chance to meet, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with thinking about just how fortunate I am to have been sandwiched between the two of them.

I had a great Dad - I have some amazing memories of him and of the two of us doing things together. Though we shared many laughs, we never really sat down and had any serious talks about life (we did have some serious talks, but mostly we just enjoyed one another's company, in the traditional "males doing things together" capacity); nonetheless, I reaped so very much of my work ethic, my morality and my ability to find amusement even in perilous or frustrating circumstances, from the examples he continually set for me.

And every day I count the many blessings that my son bestows upon me. Alexander is such a kind, thoughtful, intelligent and funny little man. Yesterday when I was working on a light fixture while perched on a ladder, there he was, handing me the correct tool that I needed, a reminder of how he has always been involved in the day to day "business" as well as the day to day fun - minutes earlier he was sharing a joke he'd just made up. "Why did Dad go to the Beer Store?" - "To get a case of beer." (His version of the chicken crossing the road chestnut)

It's funny how much I learned from my Dad when I was young; things I still apply to my day to day life.

But it's amazing just how much I continue to learn from my son; things that continue to enrich my days.

I'm overwhelmingly blessed, because whether I look back at my Dad or ahead at my son, I see men that I truly respect, admire and love from the bottom of my heart.

I'm one truly lucky and blessed guy.

Dad and me
Me and Alexander

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lime said...

you're doubly blessed and passing the blessing to alexander that your dad passed to you. what a fortunate boy you have. hope your father'sday was very special.