Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Tickled With My Ticker

This post is an update mostly for those who follow my blog and were waiting to hear the results of my recent heart scare.

I recently posted about a heart attack scare I had which led to the doctor's suggesting I stop running and not exert myself until they could determine what was going on with my heart. This meant I had to drop out of the 2011 10K Mud Run.

In a nutshell, due to a significantly powerful chest pain experience (20 minutes in which it felt as if somebody had slammed me in the chest with a baseball bat), I played it safe and went to the ER. They kept me for 8 hours, ran blood tests and hooked me up to machines to monitor my heart and found a borderline intraventicular conduction delay.

So last week I went in for further testing so they could get some clearer pictures of my heart and see how serious it actually was.

Yesterday I got my results back.

Except for the unveiling of high blood pressure (for which I've been put on a low sodium diet and told to continue to monitor it; if it doesn't come down soon, lifestyle changes won't be enough and medication for hypertension will be on the agenda), I've been given a clean bill of health and told I can run again.

I normally write long blog posts, but these three pictures of Homer Simpson roughly summarize the mini little saga in a fun way.

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Rand MacIvor said...

Super glad to hear you have lots of heart left, Mark!