Thursday, June 09, 2011

HNT - Spud Wars: The Conclusion

This blog post is a serialized story continued from HNT - Spud Wars: All This Violence

As Alexander and Darth Tater were playing violent video games, the shadows behind them shifted and moved.

Out of the shadows came a hand -- a startlingly familiar hand - a large hand, belonging, perhaps, to a man with large hands and large feet. A hand that was holding a fork!

It was Mark!

Mark?  But he was supposedly dead.

"But, you're dead." Darth muttered as he was hoisted into the air by the power of the fork. "I killed you myself! I saw it with my own eyes. And since I'm a potato I have a lot of eyes, so I saw it really, really well."

"You killed the evil Mark, not me." Mark said, laughing madly. "Didn't you notice his facial hair?"

"Aw, that's not fair," Darth Tater said. "It's the old evil Captain Kirk 'goatee' thing."

"It's called a van Dyke, not a goatee!"

"Whatever! But this is not fair at all. This is supposed to be a spoof of Star Wars, not Star Trek."

"Spoof is a spoof is a spoof," Mark said. "It's all fair game. And now, your game is up, Tater." And with that cliched statement, Mark bit down into his enemy.

Mark and Alexander then took turns snacking on their enemy.

"Mmm," Alexander said. "I love potato. Try the arm, Daddy. It's just like a French Fry."

"Mumfh klpsp," Mark said, his mouth too full of spud pieces to respond intelligently. But it sounded an awful lot like: 'Could use a little ketchup.'

When the victory snack was finished, the father and son team yelled "High Five!" and then started to do their happy dance.

But they didn't hear the creaking of someone coming down the stairs . . .

To be continued . . . in HNT - Spud Wars: Epilogue

Don't worry, the story is over - we just have that whole Epilogue thing to put full closure on the tale, which you'll find here next week in the re-booted tale of . . .

* The font used for the SPUD WARS logo above came from Boba Fonts on Fontspace - check out all their cool designs.


Crosby Kenyon said...

Keep those home fries burning.

Mark Leslie said...

LOL, Crosby - nice one! Thanks! ;)