Monday, February 11, 2008

Podcast With A Cliffhanger

Episode 6 of the "Getting Published with Mark Leslie" reality series on The Writing Show was posted late last week. The series has centered on my attempt to complete work on the first draft of a novel I'm calling A Canadian Werewolf in New York (or ACWWINY for short).

The series has followed me through painful sidetrack after painful sidetrack, with me barely inching forward on completion of the novel as I take various tangents on different writing projects.

For example, with Episode Six, we learn how my submission of the novelization of "I, Death" to Leisure Books went, about the sci-fi anthology I edited (North of Infinity II) becoming remaindered and what that means for the authors and the frustrating state of the price of books in Canada. There is another fine critique by Writing Show guest host (and my unpaid editor) Mick Halpin, and finally, there is a bit of a cliffhanger ending, as Mick Halpin throws down the gauntlet and challenges me to bolt for the finish of my first draft.

I respond, of course, by accepting his challenge and offering Mick a challenge of my own. All good fun and an interesting half hour episode if I do say so myself.

One of the things I am most impressed with about the episode, of course, is the editing job that was done. While the editing of each episode is always done wonderfully, it's more apparent to me in this episode because, afflicted with a nasty cold (which you can hear in my voice in the interview), I had to regularly pause and turn off my mic while having a coughing fit. Occasionally, the coughing fit overtook me before I had a chance to turn the mic off -- but you can't tell listening to the episode -- nor can you tell when, in the middle of the interview Paula got bombarded with an instant message ping at the same time while my son Alexander burst into the room and distracted me. Nope, the editing was solid and all those rough parts were nicely clipped out.

Perfect editing, a great conversation with Paula, and a fun challenge from Mick that is forcing me to plant butt in chair and get cracking on this novel. In all, lots of fun.

You can download and listen to the interview by clicking here.


Charles said...

Wow, I've seen your comments online, but I had no idea you were a professional writer. I'm going to have to go through your entire blog now, since I'm trying to write my first SciFi novel and hope to have it published.

Paula B. said...

I live to edit, Mark. :)

Now get cracking on that manuscript.

-- Paula B.