Thursday, November 19, 2009

HNT - iPhone Pics

Got an iPhone 3GS this week.

Thought my Palm Treo was useful and easy to use, but this iPhone is really something else.

Simple. Easy. Cool.

Could go on for days talking about it, but I'm still in discovery model, overwhelmed with all the great features.

For now, just going to post a picture of Alexander and I at bed-time. During the time we normally read, we used my iPhone to pay with some Disney apps and watch short cartoons. We won't make that a habit because we both love reading regular fun kids books for our nightly storytime, but it was still pretty darn cool.

The pictures the iPhone normally takes are clear and crisp and wonderful -- these are a bit blurry because they're the first and so far only self-pics I've taken on the iPhone - I was still trying to figure out how to hold it for a self-pic.

(Last week's HNT was taken on my Palm Treo -- admittedly, that pic is nicer, but the "trigger" on my Palm was easier to get to for a self-pic)

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