Wednesday, January 06, 2010


One of the best Christmas gifts I received this past year was something my five year old son picked out on his own. (Yes, he was with Francine, but the gift was entirely HIS idea -- he's more observant than most give him credit for and he's quite thoughtful and generous, just like his mother)

A few months ago when I was flying to Montreal, I ended up losing a great multi-tool that I often carried around in my laptop bag. (It's one of those folding plyers with jackknife-type screwdrivers, tools and knives all in one) Normally, before I fly, I remove it -- but this last time I forgot and ended up losing a great multi-tool at the airport. (Of course, though sad to lose the tool, I also was glad to lose it too, because there's quite the jack-knife blade on it -- it's good to know the airport screening was working, just not so good that in my oversight I completely forgot I had it in my bag)

In any case, Alexander was quite concerned over me losing this tool.

So before Christmas, when he and Francine were in a store, he spotted a near cash-desk display of a DOCKER wallet that came with a mini multi-tool. He insisted that he wanted to by it for Dad for Christmas because he knew I needed to have a handy knife with me at work in January (part of how much he pays attention to small things he overhears in our discussions)

What a great gift.

I haven't yet converted the contents of my wallet from the old worn one to the cool new one, but I HAVE consistently used the tool every day since back at work on Jan 4th. It's "January Rush" time, with skids of textbooks piled high, and I use the tool to crack open and break down boxes every 15 minutes or so throughout the day.

This particular replacement multi-tool isn't full size -- the old one I wore in a holder on my belt -- this one is mini, and thus slips into my pocket quite easily.

It has proven to be extremely useful, and every time I use it (about 30 to 40 times per day this time of year), I think of my son and how thoughtful he is.

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