Saturday, February 13, 2010

Twitlympic Opening Ceremony

Photo courtesy of craftygirljen via Twitter/Tweetphoto

Well that was interesting.

While watching the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics with my wife and son, I was also casually following along on Twitter.

I didn't go so far as to follow the popular hashtags like #olympics or #vanoc or #van2010 but merely following the people I normally follow, which include a variety of book industry folks, media and technology people, writers and just plain people whose tweets I find interesting.

What I got was an interesting composite of commentary from people who were there in Vancouver, watching from home, or, in one case, traveling to Australia and commenting not just on the ceremonies but on how the Australian media and people were reacting.

What a wonderful multi-dimensional experience.

At one point my son turned to me, seeing my iPhone in my hands and said: "Dad, you should take some pictures of this."

What I didn't tell him is I'd been resisting doing just that for well over an hour.

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