Friday, November 18, 2011

HNT - CSC2011

Yesterday I spent the day networking with the great folks from Campus Stores Canada.

It was an odd sort of reunion, because for the past few years I had been a CSC member and attending as a campus bookseller.

This year, though I was there to do a presentation about the POD success I had at McMaster University with the bookstore's Espresso Book Machine, my name tag was showing my role as: Director, Self-Publishing & Author Relations for Kobo, the company I now work for.

It was fantastic to see so many great folks from the campus side, and share great POD information with them, but, of course, also chat about Kobo, talk with them about getting content from them (particularly those campus stores who are already offering self-publish POD services. When I was at McMaster I had set up an account with Kobo so that any self-pub clients who wanted global ebook distribution could get it through that Kobo relationship - and I was encouraging folks using EBM's to do the same thing and thus expand their business through mutually beneficial partnerships. By the end of the day, I had a handful of new folks who will be setting up an account with us, giving their authors a new sales channel and great presence.

It was also fun showing many of them the Kobo Vox.

I didn't take any pictures while there -- so busy that I neglected to whip out the camera to take any pictures . . . . so I thought I'd share a photo from way back. A shot taken of Paul Wilde (from U of Alberta bookstore) and me in front of the EBM at their store - the first in Canada and the third location in the world to embrace the POD technology back in 2007.

Good times!

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