Thursday, March 20, 2014

Darkly Funny Snowman Tales

So spring arrives in a few hours.

Joy for many.

Not such a happy moment for some others.

I am looking forward to spring; this winter has certainly been long enough. But am I the only one who can detect the subtle and quiet unnerving screams of our snowy friends as their season of joy ends, and their version of the apocalypse begins?

One of my most popular stories (for reader response, customer reviews and public readings) is "That Old Silk Hat They Found" - a re-imagined look at what might really happy if a snowman came to life. The other is "Ides of March" a look at an odd pair of strangers driving around in a truck and kidnapping snowmen.

I did recently sell a recently written snowman story to a YA anthology that will be coming out in 2015 (although that story is one that addresses teen bullying and suicide - a completely different perspective than these playful tales, and I'm quite proud of my latest return in fiction to the use of snowmen), but right now my two snowman stories wonderfully demonstrate the essence of the dark humour in my fiction.

Both stories appear in my book One Hand Screaming, but are available to read for FREE in ePub format (Kobo, Nook, iBooks), Kindle (Amazon) and online/app via Wattpad.

If you check them out and read them, I would love it if you could post a review on your favourite review site. It does make a huge difference.

"I'll never look at snowmen the same again. Shiver, yes! Highly recommend them!" - Amazon customer review
"In a word - chilling. Or better yet - cool. Really cool." - Goodreads reader review

"Brilliantly written snowman stories!" - Nook customer review
"I'll never build another snowman!" - Amazon customer review
"Delightfully weird and creepy!" - Wattpad reader review

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