Tuesday, October 18, 2005

One Hand Screaming Prize Packs

Yesterday we got the “One Hand Screaming” t-shirts back from Can-Doo Promotions. They were awesome - high quality t-shirts at a great price. Fran used Can-Doo Promotions regularly when she worked at the Health Unit in Brantford, and, as usual, her decision to use them (and getting her talented work colleague Donna Kemp to re-adjust the One Hand Screaming logo specifically for the t-shirts) was excellent.

As usual, Fran was instrumental in not only the idea, but in the planning, picking up the product, creating cute little packages in "bat" bags and keeping me from just being too silly (she's my own personal little Graham Chapman)

The t-shirts are being packaged together with a signed copy of the book, and a Halloween sound effects CD. Q92 (Sudbury’s Best Rock) will be giving them away during the week of October 24th to October 28th during the Terry & Mell morning show.

CHML Hamilton News Talk Leader will also be giving a few of these prize packs away next week. It's all part of the annual Halloween ramp-up when sales of my book tend to peak.

I’m looking forward to the book signing I’m doing at Chapters Festival Hall inToronto this Friday evening (the 21st) as well as the one at Coles Limeridge in Hamilton next Thursday evening (the 27th). In between, I have the honour of joining The PenUltimate Group's October meeting (my friend Kim is a member of this writing group) for a fun evening on Monday the 24th.


Pete Mitchell said...

That is TOO COOL!

You are so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o on your way now, bud. I'm really pleased for you!


Mantaray Ocean said...

Congratulations Mark!

That is so great and a very cool package :)

Kimberly said...

the PENUltimate Group is psyched to have you at our Hallowe'en meeting Mark....

And the prize packs are an awesome idea!!!

Wonder if I can get a T-shirt made about Walter's Brain!!!

Kim :)