Monday, October 17, 2005

Strong Enough For A Man - Another Secret

Last week things were so busy at work that I kept forgetting I needed to buy deodorant. Actually, no, not deodorant. Fran recently turned me on to antiperspirant, which I found has been working well.

But last week, with my own supply depleted, one morning I tried Francine’s Lady Mitchum. I ended up wearing it all week, and I have to admit, damn, it worked quite nicely. Not only that, but occasionally I would catch a whiff of that "powder fresh" scent and think: My, that's a pretty smell. And then I'd realize it was me. I smelled pretty.

There's a slogan for this product that states: "so effective you could skip a day" (I don't think so, not with me), but it does bring back fond memories of an old "Secret" television commercial in which they tout that it's "strong enough for a man, but made for a woman"

Me, since I had a chance to get the usual "man" version over the weekend, I'm just missing that pretty "powder fresh" scent right now . I wonder if Fran would notice if I kept using her stock?


Pete Mitchell said...

It's gettin kinda creepy how we're covering similar themes on the same day independent of each other. First, it was writer's block; today hygiene.

Great minds, eh dude?

Franny said...

You've uncovered my husband's "Secret". Also, women's shave gel is MUCH easier on your face and will give you a better shave. Or so my hubby says.
Try it out.