Monday, October 24, 2005


There was an interesting article in the Hamilton Spectator today about the Wife Acceptance Factor (also known as WAF). Apparently the phrase is being used when describing high priced “toys” that men want to buy. For example, when describing a plasma television, one can talk about the picture quality, the sound quality and the size of the screen, but also feel it necessary to mention the fact that it’s thin and could be hung on a wall rather than taking up a lot of room can help create a positive WAF.

For me, Francine mostly humours my impulse purchases (likely because I haven't yet demanded that we buy a Harley or a sailboat, or even a 72 inch television), but I do rent movies and end up watching television shows based on their WAF.

TV shows with a good WAF: The West Wing, ER, Grey's Anatomy, Law & Order (all 3 of them), Commander In Chief, According To Jim, The Simpsons, The Apprentice, Medium, Three Wishes

TV shows with a negative WAF: The Family Guy, My Name Is Earl, Fear Factor, Alias, The Outer Limits, Supernatural, (anything after the first 10 minutes of SNL)


Anonymous said...

Did you finally get to see Supernatural? If your wife watches with you, the two main characters might just increase the WAF. I'm sure they are the only reason mine watches. She never sat through half an episode of the X-Files, but won't miss this.

Anonymous said...

It's funny. I read that article this morning and I thought of you and Fran. I'm hoping my WAF hovers over the acceptance line. (Not just cuz I adore Fran; but she's a good cook!)

Anonymous said...

Unlike some.....I don't think she'd try to poison me with chocolate milk......


Virginia said...

Hmm. Hmmm. Wow. I think you've completely enlightened me. I've always balked at being a wife. (Though I could really use one sometimes, for the housework/kids/laundry, but that's a sexist thing to say, so pretend I didn't say it.) Now I know why - I would rather watch the negative WAF shows than the first category. (Except for the Apprentice. I can't believe how these people act.)
Hmmm. Maybe there's a grant out there somewhere for a scientific study. : )