Friday, October 28, 2005

When Spooky Eyes Are Peeking

So there I am, about an hour into my book signing last night, when I shifted in my seat and moved my notebook into my lap (I usually fill vacant time during signings by working on various writing projects, making notes, etc.)

What to my wandering eyes do appear, but little glow in the dark spooky eyes, just trying to instill fear!

My fly had been open the whole time, and my spooky eye boxers were peeking out at the world, just curious, and wanting to make friends, as is their nature. (No wonder the ladies at the bookstore were all smiles when I arrived) So there I sat, waiting for just the right moment when it appeared that nobody was looking, so I could reach down and zip up my pants. (The last thing I wanted was a misunderstanding at what my hands were doing beneath the table, it all ending with mall security hauling me out as some sort of pervert)

But with a quick zip, the little spooky eyes were banished back to their world of darkness, and I don't think anyone saw me. I wonder if Stephen King ever had moments like this during his book signings?


Anonymous said...


Guess what Mark did NO-O-W!!

Ooo. Cake.

Thank you Fran.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! Sorry I couldn't be there to see that!!!!

Peter, don't be such a tattle tale!

Kim :)

Anonymous said...


She gives me cake!!!!

Franny said...

I imagine you made a lot of female friends that night? Well, a little peek-a-boo is very refreshing now and then.

And IF mall security had noticed, what grand publicity it would have made for your book. Think about it...