Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Francine bought me a great 365 Days of Beer calendar for Christmas which I love -- it's filled with information about beers from around the world as well as interesting trivia about beer and the brewing process. With it came a free online subscription to one of a huge selection of Page-A-Day's via email. I chose the "365 New Words A Year" option, thinking just learning a new word here and there might be more fruit for stories.

Yeah right, like I need any more ideas for writing -- what I need, dammit, is time, time, time to act upon the bazillion ideas that hit my head each and every day.

In any case, I thought this was a nifty one:

epenthesis: \i-'pen-the-ses\n : the insertion or development of a sound or letter in the body of a word

Example: In my view, the most annoying example of epenthesis is the pronunciation of "athlete" as "a-tha-lete."

Interesting. But it makes me wonder what you call it when a Torontonian pronounces Toronto (Toe-ron-tow) as Tarrana (like Phirrana, but said really really really fast)


Virginia said...

Hey Mark. You've been Book Tagged over at my blog.

My mom bought me Strawberry Shortcake Page a Day calendar, but don't tell anyone that. *wink*

Robin said...

That calendar would make me thirsty, Mark.

Thanks for the new word!

Franny said...

You call them maleducated!

Love your word! So fun to say...EEpenthesis...ePENthesis...epenTHEsis...epentheSIS....We do a word-of-the-day at work. Today's word was ebbulent or embulism or something like that. It meant either obese or seaweed or something.

Yeah, nothing sticks these days.

lime said...

i grew up sorta near philadelphia. same question could be applied when locals say 'filafia' hehehe