Saturday, January 07, 2006

In Solitude With Memories (& Snow, Lots of Snow)

Yes, it's been snowing since early evening last night - nice big fluffy white flakes. Ahh. All is okay with the world again. Okay I'm inspired to share a poem that's been kicking around the drawers - one that I wrote more than a decade ago after a beautiful Ottawa snowfall tried desperately to take my mind away from a recent heartache.

I couldn't just leave it at that though, as at the time I was in the habit of writing poetry using forced structures -- part of attempts to "paint myself into a corner" and see if I could write my way out. (Yes, I also enjoy mixed metaphors)

I'd submitted it to various poetry journals a long time ago, but like many of my poems, it's been sitting in a file folder for many many years. I figured I'd break it out today in honour of the snow!

In Solitude With Memories
by Mark Leslie
©2006 Mark Leslie Lefebvre

the snow lands lightly around my open mouth
ten flakes of which I feel drip cool like unheard
words down my chin, which then run
on down my neck
the tiny rivulets of which traces are barely
left to remind me of what once was there
were the loves I’ve known
put into place so masterfully
here upon my heart and so brilliantly removed, I would
first know love and then this peace

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