Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Self-Promotion For Authors

I just finished listening to a 30 minute podcast interview that Tee Morris did with Robert J. Sawyer prior to Christmas. While I've listened several times to Rob talk about self-promotion and similar topics, I know that I could continue to listen to him for hours. He is as fascinating a speaker as he is an author, and in this podcast, he offers some trememdous advice.

(Tee Morris, of course, has his own great advice, as he is the c-author of Podcasting For Dummies, which, after hearing the interview, I'm eager to check out)

One of my new years resolutions should have been to pay more attention to Rob's brilliant advice. Is it too late to amend them?


Virginia said...

Amend away. I'm still building my list.

Thanks for the post to the interview! It was freakin great! I've met Rob only briefly, but haven't had a chance to speak with him, so it was great to listen to an in-depth discussion. I loved his advice - great for both new and accomplished authors. Get out there, but watch the hard sale - turns people off. My feelings exactly.

It was very motivating. Back to the story board. : )

Kimberly said...

Never too late....

FunkyB said...

I agree with kimberly... it's never ever too late to amend whatever!

Ryan Oakley said...

Rob knows his stuff. That's for sure.

Franny said...

You officially have until January 15th to make/break/keep New Years resolutions. Ponder this quote by Thomas Edison: "What man's mind can create, man's character can control."

(I love throwing quotes in sometimes to look like I am bright and well-read!)