Saturday, January 28, 2006

Type A?

I'm not the world's most patient person.

When there's no choice but to wait I normally prepare for it by keeping either a book at hand or perhaps a notepad and a pen -- whatever -- just to ensure I'm not wasting time.

However, if I can avoid a huge lineup or wait by showing up early for something, I'll do it.

Case in point: getting my haircut.

I always show up early to get my haircut at Russ' --though he doesn't open until 8:00 AM I know that he's an early-bird and is always there at 7:00 AM. Thus, I usually show up near 7 and get in out and really quickly. This morning, I arrived there at 7:10; but Russ wasn't there. But 7:15 I realized that there were at least 7 other cars waiting to get in early to see Russ (I'm not the only one who knows Russ is always there really early)

The only issue is that I didn't bring a book with me, so I passed the time by searching for the notepad I used to keep in the truck (no luck), cleaning the huge mess of receipts, Tim Hortons napkins and bags, tissues, flyers, empty gum packages, etc (you can NOW see the floor on the passenger side -- it usually only gets cleaned up when I have a passenger), and then, because in my cleanup I fond an old IKEA "cash and carry" 8 1/2 by 11 order sheet (with a blank back page), I started writing.

Uh oh! I have a problem, don't I?

I need help.

No, no I don't need help. I need another piece of blank paper -- just one more -- then it'll all be okay.


Gwen said...

That's an advantage that women have - we have purses to keep spare paper in. Perhaps you should invest in a nice man-purse. :)

Kimberly said...

it's ok Mark, everything's going to be alright...

(although you may want to put a steno pad and pen in your glove compartment for the next time!)

Lara said...

I cut my own hair. Always extra paper handy at home. ;)

mathew growden said...

Gwen, I think the man-purse is officially the murse.

Come on ML, you know you want one. I have several.

Franny said...

It's not a purse if it's a portfolio bag!
Patience is not my virtue either. If there's a lineup at the MTO or the grocery store I get really antsy.
Then again, if your house is on fire, you'll probably want Mrs.MakeitSnappy to around for the rescue!

AM said...

Lol as if I am reading my own description here lol. No, you don't have a problem, otherwise I would be having one and I do like to think that this thing is normal more or less ;) I am not even patient to wait for 3 cars in the drive thru of Hardees without grabbing a book.

Trick is always leave a note book and a book in the car, both that you do not need to carry around with you or you would not need at home, office, etc. I have 2 books that I read at the same time, usually the less interesting would be in the car always just in case I end up in a situation like yours lol.

PS: You had a pen?! jeez, usually the pen is my problem!

Pete Mitchell said...

Carrying a notebook and pen around is an absolute must! You never know when an idea or turn of phrase will strike.

Don't let me catch you without them!