Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Celebrating Fran

My honeybunny turns 40 years old today. Of course, most people who know us think that she must be in her early 30's and that I'm this craddle-robbing guy pushing 50. While I've never been bothered that I look much older than I am, I'm delighted that people constantly mistake Francine for a younger woman -- I'm pretty sure she enjoys that too. I'm not sure why because Francine, like her mother, ages so gracefully. Francine gets more and more beautiful and vibrant each year.

I'm planning something really fun for Francine's birthday, but won't mention it here on the off chance that she's reading this blog today. (She finds out what her surprise is going to be tonight -- well, part of the surprise, at least) Of course, it's likely she won't be reading this today because Fran spends so much of her time looking after our 19 month old son, looking after me, looking after Mister Bunny, taking care our finances, the house, every single detailed aspect and chore, that she often doesn't have time for simple luxuries.

Fran is that type of selfless, caring and giving person. And each and every day I'm truly thankful for the blessing I've been given to have this very special, wonderful and beautiful woman in my life. Although busy at work so much lately, I am fortunate that I get to start and end each day with this remarkable and loving woman.

Happy 40th Birthday Francine! I love you!


Lance said...

Happy Birthday, take care of her Mark.

Pete Mitchell said...

You really need to write that New York Times bestseller, or win the lottery, or rob a bank; so you can put Fran up on the crystal pedastal she deserves and shower her with lots of gifts and chocolates.

(I'll help ya rob the bank. That'd be kinda cool.)

And don't forget to get her a chocolate cake. Fran loves chocolate cake.

lime said...

Happy Birthday Francine! Many, many more happy and healthy ones to you.

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday Francine! Mark's a lucky guy that he has you in his life...Take care of her Mark!

Mantaray Ocean said...

Hope that you had a...no scratch that ...I know that you must have had a Wonderful Birthday!

Virginia said...

Little late here, but Happy Birthday, Fran! That's one of the most amazing portraits I've seen. Bursting with vitality and happiness.

Laura said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes. I like being 40, now that I'm 41 and got over that first 4-0 hurdle. Good luck for a great decade! :)