Friday, February 10, 2006

One Good Turn Signal Deserves Another

After reading one of Lara’s classic rants (Rules of My Road), I was reminded of something that burns my ass.

No, I’m not talking about 3 foot high flames (although they are quite capable of burning my ass quite thoroughly) -- I’m talking about the whole turn signal thing.

Why the hell can’t some people get it into their stupid thick skulls that the turn signal was put on vehicles not as a luxury item, nor as a modern-art type decoration, but as a necessary tool of communicating to other drivers and pedestrians?

To me it comes down to a combination of lazy and selfish -- two things which I believe are two of the worst ailments of our current society that, if fixed, could solve all kinds of issues. Lazy, because how hard is it to move your hand six inches to trigger a signal and selfish because of the self-important assumption that you own the road and that nobody else deserves even the smallest courtesy.


Anonymous said...

Yes indeedie I concure, but on the other side of the coin, there are wankers that turn on the signal and leave it on. Now that really burns my bacon. It's like - look I am going to turn at this corner .. phyche ..maybe the next corner, no maybe the next intersection. And it's not only the more distinguish mature persons at fault.
But when in doubt, speed up and give them a hand signal that is universal, in response to their "no signal" or "signal always on".
See ya opn the GO Train Mark.

lime said...

anonymous makes a good point, as do you. no tunr signal or the one who keeps it on idicating they will circle the world to the left. it's just not that hard, folks

Rainypete said...

I find it entertaining that people can get alicense to drive but don't signal. Did they pass the test like that or have years of network television eroded thier minds to simple grey putty which exhausts itself by the simple act of turning the key?

BTExpress said...

I so agree with you. I do confess that I forget to turn mine off once in a while.

Lara said...

Some of us aren't lazy, we're just airheads. ;)

Anonymous said...