Monday, February 06, 2006

First Stop on Blook Tour

Well, the first stop on the blook tour happened on Brad Feld's website. He interviewed me about "I, Death" -- the interview can be read by clicking here.

I've added Brad's blog link on the right nav. Man, I thought I was verbose - Brad posts multiple entries each day. Hard to keep up.

It's funny how the right nav has grown. I keep adding blogs and sites that I enjoy reading and returning to, but I'm finding that, because there are so darn many interesting things out there that people are posting, I'm having trouble keeping up and getting back to so many of them on a regular basis.

It makes me think that I should stop keeping so many different books on the go at the same time and instead dedicate a bit more time to blog reading.


Zephyr said...

Yeah. Full-time blogging. You gotta find a way to make this your job. And if you do, let me in on the secret, k?

lime said...

wow, i had to go over and check how long a blog roll you have. i was delightfully suprised to find myself o it! thanks! yeah, ya gotta devote more time to reading. i was warned when i got into this that it is like a bad crack addiction........eeeekkk!