Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

Sometimes you feel like a nut
Sometimes you don't
Almond Joy has nuts
Mounds don't

I remember back when the commercial using this jingle was on television, we didn't have those two chocolate bars (or candy bars for my U.S. friends) available in Canada, or at least in my little backwater Northern Ontario home town.

That used to frustrate me -- seeing commercials for things I couldn't get to. One of the most frustrating was this really cool Toys R Us superstore I kept seeing on American television commercials, but there wasn't one yet located anywhere near my hometown. Man that looked so cool.

Oh well, at least now I can take my son to Toys R Us while drinking my Tim Hortons coffee and snacking on a Coffee Crisp or eating my Smarties (and while there are some Tim Hortons locations popping up in the U.S. you still can't get those candy bars in the States, right? When I say I eat the reds one last it means nothing to anyone south of the 49th parallel, right?)


lime said...

let me tell you, you were not deprived by not having access to almond joy and mounds. it is patently wrong to contaminate perfectly good chocolate with coconut. WRONG WRONG WRONG!

i loked up the smarties, nestle version on m&ms it seems. and yeah, ya gotta save the red ones last!

Ameratis said...

Smarties have a whole different meaning down in Alabama. Smarties are alot like sweet tarts down here, they have no affiliation with chocolate whatsoever! Ha ha. Never heard of Tim Hortons or Coffee Crisps. Starbucks or Joe Muggs are the coffee evils down here.
Lime is soooooooo right in saying you haven't missed a thing with Almond Joys or Mounds...yuck! Now KitKat bars, 5th Avenues, Hershey chocolate bars...(just to name a few) are wonderful!
And even here in the States they will advertise stores that your town may not have...we never had a Toys R Us in my hometown but we had the commercials...had to drive about 2 hours to find one.
Now where I live we not only have Toys R Us but we have a Babies R Us too! ;)

Magdalena said...

I MISS MY TIM HORTONS!!!!!! Even Chris, who only spent about two and half months total in Canada misses Tim Hortons!! Can you imagine that I spent the whole insanely hot summer here in Texas without a single Tim Horton Iced Cappucino!?! And sorry, but Starbuck just isn't the same when it comes to Iced Caps! *Sigh* ... on the flip side though, I have fallen in love with cornbread and chili and crawfish etouffe things that I would have never enjoyed as much in Canada.

Anonymous said...

I did not know that smarties and coffee crisp were Canadian chocolate bars only! I just assumed that they were available down south too!

And while I like Tim Hortons (for their sour cream glazed doughnuts mind you) I prefer Second Cup (vanilla bean hot chocolate is amazing!!!!)...

Wow...I love learning something new about my country! (even if it is chocolate bar trivia)

Bsoholic said...

Not that I know of, but we have Smarties, but like Ameratis said they must be different down here. Little flat circular round sweet tart type candies. Pretty cheap.

Anonymous said...

HA! HA! Take THAT U.S.A!!! **he said running down the street naked, throwing Smarties at everyone he passes**

Mantaray Ocean said...

Smarties are the best!!!!

Mantaray Ocean said...

The Canadian ones that is!

growden said...

i'm also down with lime... almond joy and mounds both suck.