Friday, February 03, 2006

The Day The Music Died

Today in music history is the day that inspired Don McLean to write the song “American Pie” - Richie Valens, Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper (J. P. Richardson) died when their plane crashed in Iowa.

Given that the lyrics of the McLean song are rolling through my mind, I thought today would be the perfect day for a bit of reader participation with “I, remember” (a concept my buddy Pete Mitchell played a few months ago, and I recently saw again over at Marie’s)

The goal is simple. In the comments to this post, you’re supposed to share a “memory” of you and I that never actually happened. It can be a quick single statement or an epic adventure. Go wild, knock yourself out, have a good time with it (I’m not easily offended). If you don’t know me, please don’t let that stop you. It’s all for fun and besides, I find it fascinating to reminisce with strangers.

You’re typically supposed to start with something like “I remember…” but given the significance of this date in music history and Don McLean’s song, you’re welcome to open with “A long, long time ago, I can still remember . . .

So go ahead, remember, and make those people dance, or FOTFL, or shed a tear or sick to their stomachs, whatever works for you.


Anonymous said...

A long, long time ago, I can still remember the look on your face when I opened the door. Was it superman you were dressed up as for Halloween, or perhaps it was Captain America. Do you remember? You would have been 8 or 9 at the time. But what you were wearing was not important. It was the look of shock, and the piercing scream that you released when you saw my costume. Your friends laughed as you nearly ran away. It was as if you hadn’t ever seen Mickey Mouse before. Not a scary costume by any means, but perhaps it had triggered some violent memory from your younger days. Or perhaps you thought I was a real mouse, which had secretly grown and mutated, and learned how to talk. Whatever it was, I will never forget that look on your face.

lime said...

well, see, the thing is since we are both in the witness protection program now we aren't supposed to be talking about the old days. heck, we aren't even supposed to be having any contact. but when i stumbled upon your blog i thought i'd assume a different identity and keep track of you that way. i wasn't entirely sure it was you at first but i noticed the code you used in your posts. i thought maybe it was a coincidence but when you posted the picture of you among all the darth tater characters, know what you included and you know what it meant to me. you must have suspected me from the code i used in my comments. i was so thrilled to have you recognize me and acknowledge me. it's just good to reconnect old friend, and know you are well.

Ameratis said...

I remember the first time I saw you and you were wearing that shirt....the one I stole later. (it added a nice touch to my shrine of you btw) You looked as if you had stepped right out of my dreams. I felt my knees give from the sight that my eyes beheld. You were signing the receipt for what you had purchased then you looked up and smiled.
Ohh that smile and those eyes! At that moment I imagined myself sliding onto the counter, leaning over to grasp your shirt collar giving a slow smile and then kissing your lips in a teasing manner that would build to full passion. You would be surprised at first but then would return my kiss with a fervor that would take my breath away. I was brought back to reality when you told me to have a nice day. That moment is when I knew I loved you. I realized through thick or thin I would make you see we should be together.
I knew you liked books so I thought you would appreciate my buying the Stalker's handguide to Proper Stalking, but no matter how close I followed the rules outlined in the book you kept saying no. I wrote you beautiful letters of prose proclaiming my love and affection. I worried and fretted over proper word use and grammar because I did not want to offend your writing sensibilities while conveying my messages of love. I told you I worshipped the ground upon which you walked and that I would do anything for you. I thought you were playing hard to get but then you served me that restraining order.
I was devastated! My family finally forced me to see a doctor and I was checked into a local centre for treatment. I was apathetic about life for the first few months in the centre, but then I began to make friends and come out of my shell. Now after years of therapy and moving to a different country, I am doing much better. I have given up my stalker ways and have come to terms that despite my overabundant love for you, it was not meant to be. My therapist says that it is ok for me to read your blog because it helps me practice self control. (And the fact I now live thousands of miles away from you.)
I still have that shirt though, I will never throw it away!

Zephyr said...

Do you remember that time I caught you peeking through the picture window into my kitchen? I never suspected when I told you that I clean house nude, that you would have to prove it to yourself. You thought I was just kidding, didn't you? I remember the look of shock on your face when the motion sensor light behind my house kicked on, and left you standing there in the spotlight, so to speak. I'm sure you were relieved when the police let you off after I neglected to press charges. I really didn't mind that much, though I was scared enough at first that I couldn't help dialing 911. You sure made up a great story about why you were there... good thing that only you and I knew that you don't even own a dog! I know you promised to never do it again, but don't think for a minute that I haven't noticed you behind the big maple tree a few times. I know that you haven't totally given up your old ways. Why do you think I still clean in the nude? ;)

Franny said...

A long, long time ago,
I can still remember
how you used beg to wear my heels...
And I knew if you had a chance,
That you would even wear my pants
And maybe you'd be Tamara, for a while.
But January was quite shocking,
The day you wore my fishnet stockings,
Bad news for you Tamara,
Your wife had found the camera.
I can't remember if I cried,
As I hid from your vengeful bride,
At least I covered my own hide...
The day...your hobby...died.

Zephyr said...

roflmao @ Franny.... omg that's so awesome!!!

Gregory said...

I have a memory of a day during the summer of 90, we were on the return leg of a trip driving around the top of Lake Superior. We had been playing with the video camera, making a "road movie" just for something to do. We were stopped at a gas station in Wawa, we were running short of money, and Mark your patience was running short with me. I think we were both looking forward to getting home, and to the end of this adventure.

Things just hadn't come out the way we had thought they would. The trip was supposed to cost us nothing, but the motels, the gas, and restaurant meals had cost something. We each had a vision of the movie we were making, but it turned out to be two visions.

We stood by the car listenening to the steady rhythm of the gas pump's bells ignoring each other, a loon called, the sun was setting, the sky was clear.

Suddenly we both turned to each other and shared a smile.

We knew these were the good times.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Franny's was classic. "Spit tea through the nose" hysterical. I'll be singing it all day!

Anonymous said...

A long long time ago, I can still remember and the memory always makes me smile...

You told off that evil bitch, and she pitched yet another fit, but that's ok cause you were leaving...

The rest of us had few more years, and during those we shed some tears, but finally she was put in her place...

But the look upon her face when you laid out your case, was something I will always remember.

Thanks Mark, for making me smile.

(by the way, Franny, yours was friggin' priceless!!!)