Thursday, February 23, 2006

HNT - When Darth Comes Knocking

Continued from Attack of the Clones (on Bsoholic's Blog)

Fully cloned -- thanks to advice from Mister Bunny and help from Bsoholic -- and ready to stage his revenge attack against Mark, Darth Tater and his new army marched for days and days.

One of the clones started singing "The Spuds Went Marching One By One" but he was immediately dealt with as a trouble-maker, and sold off to the first Chip Truck they passed, as Darth didn't want any wise guys in his army.

When Darth and his army finally arrived at Mark's door, he made all the clones hide out of sight, and he approached the door. "Knock, Knock!" he said.

Mark came to the door, peeked out, and not being able to see who was knocking said: "Who's there?"

"Al!" Darth replied.

"Al, who?"

"Al be getting my revenge as soon as you open the door!" Darth chortled.

"What did you just say?" Mark said, startled.

"Er," Darth realized his mistake immediately. "I mean: 'Avon calling'"

"Ooooh, Avon! It must be the stuff I ordered from Dawn-Marie on the GO train. I love the Avon skin moisturizer. It makes my skin so very soft and supple."

And Mark proceeded to open the door . . .

To Be Continued

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lime said...

you are too funny! tater on the step and eye peering thoough....too funny. i love it! happy HNT!

Shauna said...

Darth looks definately peeved in that first shot. :)

lecram sinun said...

Way too funny! LMAO! Cheers and Happy HNT!

paitl1 said...

looking forward to the next exciting chapter.
Happy hnt

Anonymous said...

NO NO NO please do not open the door mark no please no for the love of goodness and puppies all over the world it is not Avon!

Leesa said...

Still loving this :) HHNT!

mergrl said...

I just love these, they are so great!

Happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

Betcha didn't know Darth's first job was an Avon beauty consultant.


Rainypete said...

I'm tingling with anticipation, but now I want french Fries. Thank a lot Mark!

Bsoholic said...

Don't open the door!

Admiral Ackbar says over the intercom: "It's a TRAP!"

Ameratis said...

Use the forks! Feel the carbs about you, Mark! Realize there is evil trans fat in lurking to attack!

Ohhhh the anticipation! The agony of waiting a whole week to find out what is next. It is like waiting for the next book in a series...nailbiting, teeth gnashing, hair pulling, gut wrenching, breath taking excitement and anticipation that causes a person to want to FAINT!
Ok maybe not that bad but still next Thursday seems forever away :)

The Imp

MamaKBear said...

LOL I love this series! Always makes me laugh.

Happy HNT! :)

Jillian said...


Happy HNT!

Sunny Delight said...

lol funny post! and love the eye peeking out, mmm sexy brown too. HHNT!

AndyT13 said...

Good one! HHNT!

Chicken said...

That is too funny! HHNT!

x said...

Considering my blog is a star wars blog...that is truly priceless. Great blog post. Love your blog. I'll be back...

Lee Ann said...

That is a great series of pictures!
Happy HNT!

Unknown said...

hehe I can't wait til the next installment!!


Anonymous said...

LMAO..this is great.
I have trouble coming up with one picture.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi.

Happy HNT

Sassy said...

Very amusing! lol
Happy HNT to you and Darth Tater

Snow White said...

You are WAY too creative! Great post/HNT!

Christa said...

hehehe...great post!
Thanks for stopping by at my blog :D

Happy Belated HNT!

DaMasta said...

Gah! How could I [almost] forget about Darth Tater!!! Geeezus!! You should remind me or something!

LOLOL... I just LOVE this series! Great job Mark!

[I was just thinking I needed more body wash from Avon... thanks for reminding me about that too.]

Happy HNT