Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ahh! It's a Peeping Alex!

I think I'm going to offer to buy a set of blinds for my neighbour's basement window.

I'm not sure where the expression "peeping Tom" comes from (although I do have 4 or 5 books on word and phrase origins so it shouldn't be hard to look up); but a new phrase is being added to my vocabulary: "Peeping Alex!"

It's completely innocent, of course, and cute -- but something I'll have to explain and put a stop to before he ends up embarrassing himself and the neighbours: but last night when Alexander and I were taking out the garbage, he ran over to peek in the neighbour's basement window.

I know why he's doing it, of course. He wants to see the kids -- his little buddies next door that he spends a good part of spring and summer playing with, but who he sees very little of during the late fall and winter months (heck, I barely see my buddy Chad during the winter months -- for some strange reason we rarely stand out in our yards drinking a beer and shooting the shit when it's minus 30 or blizzard conditions).

But I'm going to have to explain to him that it's not polite to peek in neighbours' windows. Perhaps in the same way that my buddy Pete taught me at a very young age that a person should knock on the door and not simply waltz into someone's home.


lime said...

lol, i can see the scene and it's cute.

btw, peepeing tom comes from the one fellow who peepd at lady godiva as she rode naked atop the horse.

Rainypete said...

Blinds would be cheaper than therapy should he see something so emotionally traumatic that it ruins him.