Monday, December 18, 2006

Getting Published Episode 3

The third episode in the "Getting Published With Mark Leslie" reality series on Paula B's The Writing Show is now available for download, as is yet another sample of my novel is progress "A Canadian Werewolf in New York"

Within the episode, Paula and I discuss the detailed commentary about the first several chapters of the novel sent in by reviewer and Writing Show guest host Mick Halpin. Click on Mick's name to go to his website where you can read more of his wonderful "free of rules" reviews.

In this podcast you can also hear me say "vampire" instead of "werewolf" several times in a row which makes you question who I really am. How can I call myself a horror writer when I can't even tell the difference between these two classic monsters? I mean I should know better. A werewolf is one of those transparent things that hang out in creepy old mansions and float around and say "boo" -- right?


lime said...

dontcha just love when you make those sorts of mistaks repeatedly?

Franny said...

No...a werewolf is what my husband becomes when he doesn't shave for three days!

The people I tagged did your meme by the way. Check them out!

Anonymous said...

Mark, personally, as you know, I prefer vampires to werewo... I can't say it!