Friday, December 08, 2006

Pass The Prep-H, I'm a Hammeroid!

Paul Wilson's StreetBeat column in The Hamilton Spectator recently talked about some of the slang names for Canadian cities and towns. Within it, he mentioned the organically occurring nickname for Hamilton that surface naturally: "The Hammer." This prompted readers to write in and share their own memories of when they first heard or used that term.

One reader wrote in to say that he and his friend who used the term about 20 years ago in musician circles, jokingly called themselves Hammeroids!

It's zany enough that it works nicely for me. Look at me, I'm a Hammeroid! It almost makes me want to sing a Simon and Garfunkel song that might go something like: "I'd rather be an ointment than a roid . . . yes I would . . ."

But think of the wonderful possibilities -- any projects or organizations that are formed to revitalize the downtown core, for example could be called: Preparation-H -- they could do some swell work using such catchy, fitting terminology.


lime said...

can you imagine what a monitor looks like when half-chewed leftover tomato cream sauce gnocchi is spewed all over it? you REALLY should have warned me about the hilarity of this post. TOO FUNNY!!!!!! ok, now if you'll excuse me i need to clean my monitor,,,

Rainypete said...

Sign me up as a Hammeroid as well.