Thursday, December 28, 2006

HNT - Best of 2006

The theme for this week's HNT post is supposed to be my favourite HNT picture from the past 12 months. Despite the fact that I had a great time throughout the year and think I offered many fun HNT posts over the past year, it was easy for me to settle on this picture.

This picture from the "Darth Tater Unmasked" post was the very first picture in the whole "Darth Tater" series of HNT posts that I ended up taking several months to unravel. I was fooling around one day and decided to post this on a whim, never realizing how long I would end up stretching out the joke and the storyline. It represents, for me, adapting HNT into a little something fun that allowed me to become creative and hopefully keep a small handful of people out there entertained with the continuing story.

For anyone curious to see the entire story, you can find links to each of the episodes here. (The "Spud Wars" episodes are indicated)

To my HNT friends out there -- thanks for stopping by each Thursday, thanks for being a pal, and a very Happy New Year to you all!


Regal said...

Happy HNT and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh!! picked one of my faves!!YAY!!

HHNT and smooches and all that.

Anonymous said...

Interesting picture, I hope the wars ended and all is peaceful now lol

HHNT and Happy New Year!


lecram sinun said...

A big YEAH... on the Tater series!

Cheers, Happy HNT and wishing you a Grand New Year!

Sassy said...

I love the Darth Taters!!

Happy HNT!

Jessica said...

french...fry...I am your father!! Happy HNT!!!

Anonymous said...

Darth Taters was awesome!! Great choice for your fave :)

Happy New Year AND HHNT!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Perfect! HHNT!

Ameratis said...

Awww I miss the Spud Wars *sniffle* that was a great part of 2006.

Happy New Year to you and your family as well! :)

Anonymous said...

excellent favourite!

I hope you're feeling better & that the whooping cough has responded well to the antibiotics. also, I hope you didn't get the dreaded vaginitis :D.

happy hnt, and a happy, successful 2007 to you as well!


Anonymous said...

That is so cute.

BTExpress said...

I loved that series! Happy HNT and a Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I ALWAYS think of this series when I think of HNT...and I LOVE this shot...they eyebrow arch is hot!!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Yessss... this is good!!! I really enjoy your so fantasistic side... ;-)
Just wishing you a very good 2007 year!!!
And.. happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

Happy HNT and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

:D What a wonderful series! I am so glad Alexander and you prevailed over evil Darth Tater.

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Great picture and great series.

Have a great 2007 Mark.


Lil Bit said...

LOL! Yay! - the Tater series! TFF!

Happy Belated HNT!