Friday, December 01, 2006


Yesterday was the last day of NaNoWriMo. My word count for November 30th was about 1200 words. When I was writing during the month (far far less than I'd originally planned on, during my promise made as a guest on Paula B's The Writing Show reality series "Getting Published With Mark Leslie") I was usually able to squeeze out half an hour to 45 minute writing sessions into my early mornings. I was averaging anywhere between 800 and 1800 words during each session, but only managed to fit a few of those sessions in, and mostly during the last week of NaNoWriMo.

I ended at just about 12,000 words.

Yes, it was a great deal less than I'd been planning on. And I could use all kinds of excuses such as extra hours spent at work, a funeral in the family as well as several incidents involving loved-ones in hospital, as well as trying to fight off a cold -- but I won't. As often happens to a writer, I sacrificed writing time for family time and I don't regret a single moment of that.

Besides, when I look at the grander picture of where I am with "A Canadian Werewolf in New York", I've got 12,000 words more than I did before I made the public commitment and the first draft of the novel now sits at about 34,000 words. (I've set 80,000 words as a low end goal for the first draft -- a bit short for a novel, but it's a ballpark figure for me. It might go another 10,000 words, but I'll let the course of the writing dictate that rather than an arbitrary "a novel is x words" belief dictate that.)

Not only that, but the attempt to focus on the novel during November, thanks to the good folks at NaNoWriMo, the inspiration of my local Hamilton area NaNoWri-pals -- several of whom far surpassed their own 50,000 word goals -- congrats to you ALL! -- as well as Paula B's encouragement and support has allowed me to press forward past an early hump in the novel that I was having trouble getting past and likely while I had shelved the project for so long. (Common situation I find where I know where I am now in a story, and know where I want to be after another 10,000 words or so, but not so sure what happens within those 10,000 words) -- so I'm past that, and have some momentum working for me.

Yes, I slept in today to catch a bit more sleep (still fighting off that tickley, scratchy sore throat and winning the battle so far), but tomorrow morning I'll be back at it again, likely in another small burst of 800 to 1600 words or so.


Kimberly said...

slow and steady wins the race!

lime said...

you've got the right perspective won't get to the end of life and wish you'd squeaked out another few thousand will be your family....

Anonymous said...

cool you did that too...budd was doing that I still have not heard how he did....

Thanks for sharing this..

so many people have their muse returning.

*looks around for mine* oh yeah, she is a hooker and writes at sexcapades.

The other muse carries a gun and she is in full swing.

You know, I think I should put it to better use like you.


loz said...

great links to the Writing Show - I'll be visiting there when I have time to look it all over & listen to the podcasts!

as promised, since you inadvertently tagged me for the '6 weird things', I'm here to leave you the address where you can find my own '6 weird things'. just click my name on this comment & it'll take you there specifically :). (it's at the blog where I usually write, not at my hnt blog that you know better).

hope the writing on 'A Canadian Werewolf in New York' is still going well!