Tuesday, December 05, 2006

But The Lights Are So Delightful

We had our first major snow dump of the season yesterday, and might I say: "About freakin' time -- after the 3 days of heavy rain last week, which should have been snow, dammit! In December it's supposed to snow, not rain."

Heck, from where I grew up, many many miles north of here, in November it's supposed to snow, too. And I even remember a year or two when there was snow before Halloween . . . but of course that goes back about 25 years in the whole global warming thing that we're killing our planet with.

But in any case, we got a nice dumping of snow yesterday. Alexander delighted in joining me in shoveling the driveway, and, of course, just standing there and staring in awe at the giant white beautiful flakes as they floated down from the sky. (I sometimes feel like the easily excitable Tattoo, the little guy played by Herve Villechaize in Fantasy Island. But instead of running excitedly into the house shouting "Boss, Boss, da plane, da plane!" I usually run into the house yelling: "Fran, Fran, da snow, da snow!")

But one of the best things about snow is the way that the Christmas lights look. No matter how good they might look when you first put them up, they finally look just right in the presence of snow.


lime said...

ok, i like snow in it's proper season....to my way of thinking, early november and october are NOT proper. but it's december now, so it's fine. it's allowed. hehehe

Franny said...

You're right about the snow and the lights. My kids freaked right out this morning when they saw all the snow!

Kimberly said...

Definitely felt more in the spirit of things, as I walked home from the laundrymat last night, getting covered in snow as I went.

And there are a few other differences between you and Tattoo from Fantasy Island. I doubt he could have pulled off "da plane, boss da plane" when he would hover around the six feet tall area!

Regal said...
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