Monday, December 11, 2006

McDonald's Treat With Chris & Jodi

This past Friday we headed off to the McDonald's near Slimeridge Mall for an "end of week" treat. I completely forgot that Chris and Jodi of Y108 Rocks were broadcasting live there as part of their 18 hour marathon toy drive. We quickly popped over to the nearby Toys R Us to get a toy for someone Alexander's age, then returned to McDonald's.

In all the excitement -- watching the live broadcast and the special guests that filtered through as well as the appearance of Grimace, which Alexander was completely taken with -- little Mr. Man didn't eat quite so much as he normally does when we visit McDonald's. But it was certainly a memorable evening for all of us, and a wonderful opportunity to help share a toy that will go to a needy child.

I was also, of course, impressed with how attractive Chris & Jodi were -- you don't usually expect radio personalities to actually be good looking, particularly not after having been working for over 14 hours by the time we saw them.

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