Thursday, April 26, 2007

HNT - Goofy Quick Cam Pic

Work has been crazy these past two weeks -- last week I was at a Customer Advisory Board conference in Toronto (which was a very fun but very filled couple of days) and went straight from there into our year end Inventory which has been a steady diet of scanning ISBN and UPC codes and double and triple checking . . .

The best thing to express the frustration might be this quickcam shot I took a few weeks ago when I first hooked up a webcam to my computer.

And I promise I'll get back to the Darth Tater HNT series, very soon . . . I mean, after all there are plans to feature a special guest in the next episode . . .

What is this half-nekkid thing all about?
Click below to go see Osbasso and find out more.



BTExpress said...

Aw, bet you make your wife a very happy gal with that. ;-)

Happy HNT!

Thanks for the story, I loved it.

Rainypete said...

OOooh A special guest?? The tension is killing me!

lime said...

i have felt that waymany times myself!

HHNT ya nut!

SIMPLY ME said...

Now if only I had an envelope for you to lick.........HHNT you wild and crazy guy!

S said...

I am so late! But Happy HNT and see you later in the week!