Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Love Slave

I'm not sure if it's all this talk about old television commercials or the fact that there was a sale on JUMBO boxes of Mini-Wheats, but I'm remembering this commercial.

Of course, we all know Mr. Mini-Wheat, the poor complex little guy who is constantly conflicted between his fun, frosted side and his nutritious 100% whole wheat side.

One of the commercials featuring this struggle was when he was about to go on a date and was nervous about which side to show. The narrator convinced him to show the girl he was dating BOTH sides, not just one. It was an exercise in helping him build confidence and as his confidence turned to cockiness, he says: "She'll be my love slave forever." to which the narrator responds: "Let's not get carried away."

I think this version of the commercial only aired for a week or so before Kellogg's quickly removed that line and replaced it with: "She'll be my true love forever."

I wonder which side of Mr. Mini-Wheat said each of those lines?


lime said...

bwahahaha! it must have been the short lived saucy side!

Toronto Mike said...

Crazy Fact of the Day: The new voice of the mini wheats guy is none other than Scary Bald Headed Pete from the H+F show.

Anonymous said...

what's with you and the old food commercials?! :P

Rainypete said...

The fact that you are even writing this shows the kind of sticking power that a commercial exec dreams of. It's kind of funny what parts of pop culture embed themselves isn't it? I've often wondered what kinds of important things my brain has bumped to make room for these kinds of tidbits.