Monday, April 23, 2007

YOU'RE the Alphagetti Gobbler!!!!

Have you ever gone hunting with a bowl and spoon? And no, I'm not actually referring to the old Libby's Zoodles commercial; but rather, a similar one that I remember from my childhood.

I'm referring to the television commercial that featured The Alphagetti Gobbler.

In the commercial, there are two kids (at least two, I'm not sure if there were three) sitting at a kitchen table and listening to this googley-eyed monster with either a whack of arms or spaghetti-like tentacles warning them to keep their eyes on their Alphagetti because the Alphagetti Gobbler might eat it when they're not watching. (Okay, in my memories, the creature is starting to look something like Kang or Kodos, the alien creates from the Simpsons Halloween specials).

I think at one point the monster points behind them and says: "Hey, there he is!" The kids turn around, and when they turn back, their alphagetti is gone and the one kid says (in what I remember as a voice much like Oliver Twist): "YOU'RE the Alphagetti Gobbler!"

I regularly quote this kid, particularly whenever I want to accuse someone of something (like taking the last donut in a communal box of Tim Horton's donuts, or discovering who it was who borrowed and never returned my stapler . . . you know, important kinds of discoveries). Of course, whenever I do that kid's voice people either laugh their asses off because it had been decades since they saw the commercial, or they have know idea what I'm talking about and are really close to calling a doctor to have a look at me.

This whole train of thought was inspired by fellow blogger and Humble & Fred fan Mike Boon. Ever since I saw Mike and a group of others begin their hunt to find other people who remember The Alphagetti Gobbler and/or video clips or photos of the alleged creature that steals alphagetti's from unsuspecting kids, I'm having nightmares about him.

No, I never did encounter The Alphagetti Gobbler, at least that I knew of; because he does operate in a sneaky fashion. And I do remember at least once when a meatball or two went missing from a plate of spaghetti that I had once -- and NO, I did not sneeze. I think it might have been The Alphagetti Gobbler perhaps branching out and trying new foods.

I've been so consumed by the freaky memories of this monster that I've started a Facebook Group called I Remember The Alphagetti Gobbler. Please join, and please help us find this monster before he eats YOUR kid's Alphagetti's.


bsoholic said...

Haha! I do not remember the Alphagetti Gobbler, but this does remind me of being a young lad, and friend of mine and I convinced my little sister that the little plastic things that used to come in pizza boxes to keep the cheese from sticking to the box would eat your pepperonis if you turned your back on it. Of course she would turn around and we'd quickly gobble up the pepperonis on her slice. She suspected us, but for a long time believed that little plastic thing ate pepperonis. Haha! Ah to be young...

lime said...

i feel oddly deprived. i never had alphaghetti and no one ever tried to gobble it.....

Toronto Mike said...

The Alpha-Getti Gobbler Ad

Anonymous said...

I have always been a big fan of this commercial, and I quote it in a similar manner, along with the classic Malt-O-Meal line, "good stuff, maynard!". Anyway, the thing about the Alphaghetti Gobbler commercial that always bugged me was the kid's voice, it's clearly dubbed in because the actual kid was nearly frothing at the mouth and probably yelling the line unintelligably. And instead of dubbing in a normal voice they dub in this weird "Oliver Twist" voice as you aptly described it.

A similar but even more bizarre occurance happens in the John Candy movie Summer Rental during the yacht race at the end, the little girl says "Mommy can I go play with Yorku?" and I swear it's John Candy saying in it a falsetto, dubbed over the girl's version of the line. That line sounds nothing like the voice the actual girl has in the rest of the movie, it's just plain weird.