Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Plug It Off

I'm continuing to enjoy observing Alexander's two year old language development. He understands the idea of turning something on. This usually applies to things like light switches and the switches on his toys that he's been able to turn on and off almost since he came out of the womb.

He has also merged the concept of turning something on with plugging it in. (Since the vacuum cleaner is one of his favourite "toys" (See earlier post Extreme Vaccuuming) he knows that to turn it on you need to plug it in.

Thus, we have the efficiently merged statement of "Plug it on!" which is used whenever we plug something in.

Since he has nicely grasped the concept of opposites, it so smoothly leads to the concept of unplugging something (yes, most often the vacuum cleaner) as "Plug it off!"

See, yet more wonderful logic and reasoning from a two year old. I think I'll try introducing that statement into my regular vocabulary and see if it catches on . . . or, perhaps instead of "catching on" maybe it'll just "Plug!"


lime said...

i love it! absolutely love it.

i'd say i'm plugged...but well, it just sort of comes across all wrong.

Rainypete said...

Isn't it fun at that age? Every day is a new adventure and bravo to you for taking the time to savor it. Most just smile appreciatively and go about their business.

Magdalena said...

Oh my goodness Mark! Is that Alex in that picture!?! He looks so grown up ... how did that happen? I say this because of course, Yuri seems to change daily and you can really tell in pictures. But wow, he looks like such a little man in this picture here!