Tuesday, April 03, 2007

World Horror Convention

This past weekend was certainly a blast -- one of the best conventions I've been to in a long time. And I was about to write that I wish I'd brought a camera with me so I could share some fun pictures of the con. However, I enjoyed the con, chatted with friends I hadn't seen in a long time, friends who'd I'd only previously chatted with online, met some really awesome folks from all over the world, bought some great new books and magazines, and got a ton of books from my personal library signed by writers I admire.

But why take just my word on it since Rob Sawyer who has been to hundreds of more conventions than I can ever dream of says this much more elegantly than I do. Actually, one of the highlights of the weekend was when Rob took myself and a group of folks from out of town on a walking tour through downtown Toronto and to The Merrill Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation and Fantasy where PS Publishing was launching the latest issue of PostScripts magazine and half a dozen other great new books.

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Rainypete said...

Despite my near Herculean efforts to escape I never managed to get there this year. Better luck next time I suppose.