Friday, July 06, 2007

Da Count - Counting Alexander

Tomorrow my son will turn 3 years old. When he was born on the 7th month on the 7th at 7 pounds, people told us our lucky number is seven. Francine and I, though, kept thinking our lucky number must be 3, because when he arrived we were a family of 3.

Tomorrow the magic of both those numbers come alive when he turns 3 years old on 07 - 07 -07. Three sevens. And while his birthday is on the 7th, mine is on the 6th and Fran's is on the 8th. His date number is nicely nestled between ours -- you know, symbolic of the protection we offer as parents.

(No, don't worry, I'm won't go all Jim Carrie on you and start to find 3's and 7's in everything, the way he found 23 in everything in the movie number 23 -- I still haven't seen the movie but it looks interesting -- I just find the 7 thing interesting)

This is the picture we're putting on his birthday cake tomorrow for our huge little Thomas fan.
Speaking of Thomas, Alexander's favourite train in Thomas & Friends is Percy.
Thomas and Percy's numbers 1 & 6, add up to 7.

Alexander has been quite excited about his upcoming 3rd birthday for quite some time, talking, every day about it, about who he wants to come to his party, about his Thomas cake, about all his friends that will be there playing with him in his bouncy castle, in his pool, running around in the back yard. His excitement about this and the enthusiasm which he approaches most things is contagious and invigorating. He consistently gives me a fresh new perspective on things that I thought had gotten old and tired.

I couldn't begin to express how fortunate I am, how lucky and blessed Francine and I feel about our son Alexander. I likely go on and on way too much on this blog about him, about the things he does, the stuff he gets into, about the overwhelming love in my heart for my son -- but I suppose it's my right as a father.

I just want to count, officially, for the record, my son Alexander.

I love you with all my heart, my beautiful son. Each day with you is an uncountable joy and blessing.

(And just wait until you get older and start to realize how embarrassing your father can be, particularly when he starts posting pictures and gushing about you on his blog and your teenage friends find it and start making fun of you, nevermind when he wears black socks and sandals or tries to be cool and "hang" with you and your friends)



lecram sinun said...

A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALEXANDER! After your count last week... I didn't think this one was far away. Gush as much as you want about your wonderful son, Mark... it always puts a smile on my face (and many others) when you do. I bet even when he goes through his "I'm too cool for you, Dad" phase he will never ever doubt your love for him.

Saying that this is a wonderful count would be an understatement, my friend.


lecram sinun said...

Oh yeah... and Happy Birthday to all of you.

BTExpress said...

Wish the little guy a happy birthday for me, k? I saw 23 and liked it. I recommend it.

Your lucky about the bruising. Adam had it bad for a week or two. Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the party!

Happy Birthday Alex!

lime said...

what a wonderful count. i am sure you all will have a wonderful and special day tomorrow. and you do NOT go on excessively...if yo urecall my count from a few weeks does my heart good every singel time i read of your love for your son. truly.

Addict said...

Happy Birthday to the little one!!
(any chance I can borrow him for a quick trip to the casino?)

Rainypete said...

Yaaaayy! Happy Birthday Alex! As for going on about the little guy, you go right ahead. It's your blog and you can fill it with what you want.

These days people many pay frighteningly little attention to their kids.