Thursday, August 21, 2008

HNT - Domestic Olympics

I'm on vacation this week. Which means, mostly, that I have more time to work on chores. And since we spent a few days at my Mom's house earlier this week, it meant that Francine, Alexander and I had a chance to help my Mom out with a few things that needed to be done around her house: like cutting the lawn, weeding the garden, making minor repairs around the home and of course, washing the car.

As always, Alexander was right in the thick of things, eager to lend a helping hand to whatever task needed doing.

This week's HNT post is supposed to have an Olympic theme. I suppose that trying to tie in a series of chores into a "domestic Olympics" kind of event is the closest I could come.

But just think about it -- athletes race through a triathlon-like grouping of events and are measured both on the time to completion as well as the quality of the work. The outdoor events could include cutting and then raking a lawn, washing a vehicle, then painting a garage door. The indoor events might involve doing a load of laundry, dusting and vacuuming a living room then sweeping and mopping a kitchen and hallway.

There'd be no shortage of companies willing to sponsor such an event. And just think, if you got enough guys much younger, better looking and in far better shape than me, dressed in tight, revealing clothing, there'd likely be a huge demographic of viewers for it -- sort of a soft porn for women kind of event.


Ashly Star said...

I love washing the car. =)

Happy HNT!

lime said...

and the gold medal in car washing goes to canada's mark leslie.

i medalled in house painting and mold eradication myself.

M said...

You can come do the domestic Olympics at my house anytime :)

Happy HNT!

BTExpress said...

Want to wash my car? Or send Alexander down to do it?