Sunday, August 03, 2008

Little Drummer Boy

I was off last week and we spent a few days at my Mom's house, doing a bit of yard work for her as well as a bit of relaxing. On one of our last visits there, Alexander quite enjoyed visiting my buddy Pete and checking out his drum kit. (Prompting me to speculate about whether Alexander would take a musical career, playing the Neil to my Scott Young)

Well on this particular trip Pete and I captured some video of Alexander horsing around on the drum kit and I slapped it together in a short fun video, including some Rush music, and, of course, more speculation on where this goofing around might lead, considering how Alexander's musical mentors are Pete and Neil Peart. (Whenever there's a chance to play music Alexander very proudly declares "I want RUSH!" so he can air drum like a little maniac. That's my boy!)

1 comment:

lime said...

he is so obviously a prodigy. my only suggestion is, "we need more cowbell." ;)

and what a fun post below. i can't believe how big alexander has gotten! and i do think sir crackem whip would be a better name. obviously, i think to much about this stuff too.